Since 1948

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Who we are?

We are Legumbres Tino, a family company dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables since 1948. We have a long tradition in the production and distribution of high quality pulses. Our commitment has always been to offer fresh and healthy pulses to our customers, grown in a sustainable way and with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Legumbres Tino is a third generation family business, serious and solvent. We take care of all the details, from the planning of the harvests together with the farmers to the delivery of the goods to our customers' stores.

Constant work, close collaboration with our suppliers and customers and commitment are the key to our success in the market.

Fotografía de una plantación de legumbres

As a lifetime

Our legumes are grown with care and dedication in our own fields, following sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. We work closely with local farmers, and we pride ourselves on fostering local agriculture and promoting biodiversity

Our customers are guaranteed the best quality and service, as well as supply throughout the season. We take care of every detail and our relationship does not end with the delivery of the goods, but we guarantee total satisfaction through subsequent follow-up.

Our goal is to continue to be the leading supplier of pulses and to establish lasting ties with our customers, as proven by our 75 years of experience in this field.

Fotografía de una plantación de legumbres
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